Continuo organ FOR SALE OR RENT
Based in Atlanta; available for hire within the following states:
Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina

Welcome! You have reached a web page designed to provide more information about the continuo organ available for sale or rent. This chamber organ is available for hire in Atlanta / Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. For other states, please contact us to discuss.


Continuo Organ with four stops, by Robin Jennings (England, 2003), after 17th and 18th century originals.

We are proud to present our positive/continuo organ. This instrument of an exquisite quality is the creation of Robin Jennings, an English organ builder known throughout the world's music community for his quality continuo instruments. Jennings built this organ in 2003 specifically for New Trinity Baroque following historical tradition of the 17th and 18th century instruments, featuring four stops (Stopped Diapason 8', Chimney Flute 4', Fifteenth 2', Mixture 1' & 1 1/3'), a wooden case painted in red faux-marble effect, as well as a gothic fretwork in old-English style.

New Trinity Baroque's continuo organ by Robin Jennings

This instrument has been used not only by New Trinity Baroque, but also by several other orchestras and concert venues, including Les Arts Florissants and William Christie, New York Collegium and Andrew Parrott, Emory University Concert Choir, violinist John Holloway, The Canterbury Choir, Athens Master Chorale and others. Concert Halls which found this organ suitable for its concerts and featured ensembles include The Schwartz Center in Atlanta, Hodgson Concert Hall (University of Georgia) in Athens, Allen Memorial Church (Oxford College of Emory University) in Oxford, and others.The instrument was delivered to Atlanta at the end of May 2003. With its four stops it provides a sufficient support for even bigger ensembles, such as a baroque orchestra and a choir. Its ability to change the pitch quickly and easily allows the performer to play at any desired pitch needed for historically accurate performance - as low as 392 Hz (for French Baroque music), 415 Hz or 440 Hz, and as high as 465 Hz (for music of Monteverdi and Venetian composers), as well as "Classical" pitch of 430 Hz (for Mozart and Haydn). The organ is easily transportable - it has attached wheels, and it splits in two pieces (top and bottom, detachable just under the front-pipes section) so that even two people can lift it. Its blower is the quietest in the industry - perfect for recordings. Beside its fantastic sound, the organ is also visually very attractive! Truly a feast for both ear and eye! Mr. Jennings has many noteworthy names on his list of past customers, including Sir John Eliot Gardiner (Monteverdi Choir / English Baroque Soloist) and Robert King (The King's Consort).The instrument is in perfect condition.

Stopped Diapason 8' - wooden pipes
Chimney Flute 4' - wooden pipes
Octave 2' - metal pipes (also in prospect)
Mixture 1' & 1 1/3' - metal pipes

Compass: C - fff (54 notes)
Transposable to A392, A415, A430, A440 & A466Hz

3'11" high (1200mm), 3'8" wide (1140mm), 2'3" deep (700mm)

RENTAL PRICE: $400 per day (Atlanta vicinity) plus trailer rental;
$500 per day (out of town) plus trailer rental and milage

Click here to see the fretwork drawing.

Inside the instruments are four ranks of pipes, easily accessible
for tuning (the picture shows look inside when right door is opened).


Here are some more pictures of the organ, as used in the performances:

New Trinity Baroque in rehearsal (May 2006)
Falany Performing Arts Center, Reinhardt College, Waleska, GA

New Trinity Baroque in rehearsal (May 2006)
(same venue as above)

Emory University Concert Choir in concert (October 2005)
Schwartz Center, Emory University, Atlanta, GA



Detail of the front pipes

Fretwork design

Images of the organ building progress (sent by R. Jennings in 2003):

click on any image to see it in full size